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Giotto Timer Evoluzione R

Step up to the future of espresso with the Rocket Espresso Giotto Timer Evoluzione R: Designed with contemporary Italian style alongside prosumer internally mounted technology. This machine comes complete with the world-renowned E61-group, yet its high ranking standards are even further elevated by cutting-edge espresso tech—featuring PID heat management, energy-efficient boiler insulation, and a minimalistic shot timer. Creating an exemplary balance of user-friendly operation and top-class espresso, the Giotto Timer Type R uses a 1.8-liter insulated heat-exchange boiler, allowing you to brew and steam simultaneously. Driven by a commercial-class rotary pump, the Type-R series offers the option of direct plumbing from your kitchen water line. Its angled walls showcase a classic hot-rod-inspired design. The Giotto Timer Type R Espresso Machine carefully synchronizes these expertly selected components to bring you the high-performance tools needed for excellence in both flavor and style.


Handmade: Assembled by hand just outside of Milan, Italy.

Shot Timer: Elegantly integrated on the forefront of the machine, this low-profile screen displays your shot time automatically.

PID Controls: Electronic heat management offers a tighter temperature band and easily adjustable settings to consistently create your precise preference for degree and flavor.

Heat-Exchanger: This classic heat-exchange design lets you pull your espresso while simultaneously steaming milk.

Rotary Pump: Well known for its low vibration and quiet operation, the rotary pump offers a unique option to plumb your machine into your home water line.

Angular Case:The Giotto's hot-rod inspired angular walls overlay the machine from top to bottom, well complimented by the eye-catching sheen of stainless steel.

Three-way Solenoid: Rinse and backflush your machine without premature release of cleaning solution or leakage.

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