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Giotto Timer Type V

Démodé luxury aesthetic is met with technical modernity in the Giotto Timer Type V Espresso Machine. Its timeless E61-grouphead comes to you lined in chicly polished stainless steel, fortifying the machines’ internally mounted prosumer technology. This machine features a built-in shot timer, hidden PID controller, and group flow restrictors, all of which elevate the Giotto Timer's functionality beyond standard espresso machines while still maintaining a sense of style true to the classic Italian café. Complete with heat-exchange technology, the Giotto Timer allows for side-by-side brew and steaming. Its efficient heat management system comes reinforced with an insulated boiler and its high-powered steam wand constitutes a well-crafted high-quality machine—made just as easy-to-use as it is to look at.


Handmade: Assembled by hand just outside of Milan, Italy.

Shot Timer: A space efficient shot timer increases functionality without downplaying the machines’ retro design.

PID Controller: Placed behind the drip tray, this PID controller offers more stable temperatures in the steam boiler.

Angular Case: The Giotto's bold hot-rod inspired finish overlays the machine from top to bottom, with the eye-catching sheen of stainless steel.

Heat-exchange Boiler: Brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously for a smoother diffusion of crema and foamed milk; most ideal for latte art creation.

Three-way Solenoid: Rinse and backflush your machine without any worry of premature release of cleaning solution or leakage.

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