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Super Fausto


Whether you’re looking for the perfect grinder for your coffee shop or in search of the very best espresso grounds for your home setup, the Rocket Espresso Super Fausto is the perfect solution. Building on the design philosophy of the Fausto Touch, the Super Fausto adapts that platform for a high speed, high volume commercial environment. 75mm Red Speed-coated steel burrs make short, consistent work of coffee beans. Additionally, this grinder offers stepless adjust, multiple programmable dose times, and a full sized hopper to keep up with the demands of a busy cafe.



High Speed: Fast grinding provided by a high torque commercial motor.

75mm Flat Burrs: Red Speed coated burrs deliver a fine, consistent grind and year after year of service life.

Stepless Grind Adjust:  Get the most out of your espresso with the Super Fausto’s micrometric grind adjust knob.

Programmable Dosing: Save two different timed dose options, or use manual mode for full control.

Touchscreen Control: Get feedback and dose control using the Super Fausto’s high-contrast 2.8” touchscreen.

Made in Italy: Each Super Fausto is assembled by hand in Italy.

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