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The last word in coffee shop espresso, the R9 brings labor-saving technology to the bar. Each machine comes set from the factory with PID-controlled independent brew boilers and an electronic transducer for quick-recovery steam pressure. This lets you dedicate individual groups for different roasts, drinks or profiles without sacrificing space for a second machine. All this tech is finished with barista features like no-burn steam wands and shot programming and wrapped in a sturdy 304 stainless steel case.


Italian-Made: Each R9 is expertly crafted in the Rocket Espresso factory in Milan, Italy.

Saturated Boilers: Each group gets its own independently controlled 1.9-liter brew boiler.

PID Controllers: PID controllers for each group promise to-the-degree accuracy for multiple coffee types.

Stainless Steel: The R9's modern shape cuts an impressive figure on a bar.

Barista Ergonomics: No-burn steam wands, backflush programming, tall feet, and a low-set control cluster all improve workflow at rush hour.

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