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R 60V


Fine-tune your espresso with the R60V's unique pressure profiling system. With three programmable profiles and up to 5 pressure settings each, you can create recipes for any coffee or espresso drink. Profiles are easily set from the smartphone app or on the detachable PID controller. The R60V also features 2 insulated steel boilers, a commercial-quality rotary pump, and an E61 group for easy servicing.



Built By Hand: Each R60V comes hand-assembled and serialized from the Rocket Espresso factory in Milan, Italy.

Pressure Profiling: Programmable pressure profiles lets you mimic classic lever espresso machines or try something totally new.

Connected: Set brew profiles on the included controller or through a dedicated smartphone app.

Stainless Steel Boilers: Dedicated brew and steam boilers offer unprecedented temperature accuracy.

Removable PID: Once you find your favorite setting, you can remove the PID controller for a cleaner, classic look.

Stainless Steel Case: Available in stainless steel or powdercoat black finishes.

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